How a USD100 investment grew 100X to USD10000 in Splinterlands

There are numerous ways to earn money in the digital space but nothing has been more entertaining and easier than blockchain-based NFT games. In NFT Revolution, Everyone can earn an enormous amount of money by just playing their favorite games by implementing the core of NFTs to it. Non-fungible tokens, as we know, are digital assets that are built on a blockchain network. Since it is on a blockchain, the ownership of the NFT is stored securely on the digital ledger. Thus, it eliminates middlemen and the threat that comes along with them, such as costly transaction fee, data manipulation, and data theft. By adding this incredible technology to the gaming domain paved the way for the concept of play to earn NFT crypto games where you can both make life changing wealth and have fun at the same time.

In early 2021, while locked down at home due to the COVID19 Pandemic, I’ve stumbled upon Splinterlands and started playing the game everyday. I bought the Summoner’s Spellbook for USD10 and invested another USD90 to buy packs and NFT cards for a total of USD100 by end of February 2021. Since then my small investment has exploded 100X with my all in NFT and crypto assets within the Splinterlands ecosystem worth USD10,000. In this article I would like to share about Splinterlands which has been a life changing journey for me and many other players in the Splinterlands community. Let’s go…

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is the next generation of collectible card games. It allows players to collect, trade, and battle with provably scarce digital collectibles with real world value.
Every battle is a unique challenge that consists of dynamically created combat rules, a timed team building session, and the battle itself. Splinterlands combines the collectability and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game.

Splinterlands is already achieving what most other blockchain games are still striving to develop. EVERY ACTION in the game is a transaction on the Hive
blockchain, which makes everything verifiable and provably fair. This is all achieved with the speed and ease of use that players have come to expect.

Why  Spinterlands is the top play to earn NFT crypto game

Data don’t lie! According to DappRadar rankings Splinterlands is the most active and most used blockchain game. You can verify the data here So what makes Splinterlands a worthy investment of your money, time and attention. Here are 5 reasons which I will elaborate further:

  • Active community
  • Ever expanding ecosystem and roadmap
  • Great game tokenomics
  • Transparency and dedicated team
  • DAO- Player ownership

Active Players

According to various blockchain data source Splinterlands consistently emerged as the top blockchain game in term of active daily users and blockchain transactions. You can view blockchain games ranking here >




Another good source of data to monitor is The statistics presented here shows how Splinterlands is growing by the day. Data source:


Splinterlands started in 2018 and can be considered on of the early game adopting blockchain technology. The game and its founder has stood the test of several crypto pump and crash cycles. Based on projected players growth and the team’s development roadmap for 2022 onwards there is a strong bullish case for Splinterlands.

More excitement for 2022 onwards

Splinterlands leadership team has announced a very ambitious yet realistic roadmap for 2022 and onwards. Here are some key highlights:

  • Splinterlands evolving as an eSport game giving players opportunity to bring their skills to higher levels.
  • Working with Guilds for Splinterlands Scholarship program so more people (especially those who can afford to invest in cards) can play to earn.
  • Growing partnership with various other brands especially for tournaments and events.
  • The much awaited game changing Land Expansion.
  • Most important> Launch of Splinterlands DAO and Validator ecosystem which will strengthen the player-ownership business model
  • More use cases for its native token Splintershards (SPS) for example SPS staking, validator program, Land development, tournaments, daily voucher drops and Riftwatcher Booster Packs which can only be bought using SPS.

Please do your own research and read Splinterlands latest roadmap here >

Great team

The leadership of Spinterlands is amongst the few if not the only blockchain company which does weekly townhall event. During this weekly town hall event the CEO and his team provide important updates for their community, players and investors. You can join this townhall events every Friday on Splinterland’s office Youtube channel >

Transparency and consistent updates from the company’s leadership team is a big trust factor signal.

How can I earn in Splinterland’s ecosystem?

For an avid gamer, the best gratification is from being able to play games, have fun and at the same time generate real income. The Splinterlands ecosystem rewards players with 3 types of assets: SPS, DEC or NFT assets (Cards/Packs).

Active Rewards (You get rewarded for your skills and palying the game)

  1. Rank Battle Rewards: You get DEC (Dark Energy Crystal is Splinterlands in-game currency). More on DEC here>
  2. Daily Quest Rewards: You get DEC and Card when you complete daily quest.
  3. Season Rewards: You get DEC and Card based on your league and achievement every end of season (14 days).
  4. Loots Chest rewards: More info >
  5. Tournaments: Win DEC, SPS and all sorts of rewards from various tournaments.
  6. Guild Brawl: Join a Guild, accumulate Merits.
  7. Card trading: Flipping buy/sell NFT Cards on Splinterlands marketplace

Passive Rewards (You get rewarded for supporting the game ecosystem and renting your Cards)

  1. Card Collection Power (CP) : Each card you buy has CP. You get rewarded with SPS (Airdrop ends in July 2022)
  2. SPS Airdrop: Daily distribution based on CP until July 2022.
  3. SPS Staking: Stake your SPS to get more SPS (APR currently 40%)
  4. Daily Voucher Drop: Players who has staked SPS will get Voucher based on the number of SPS staked (daily snapshot).
  5. Card Rentals: You can rent your cards and land

How much can I earn from Splinterlands Ecosystem?

Is it worth playing Splinterlands? Well, I play Splinterlands everyday because the game is addictive and fun.  The simple answer to the most common question of  how much can I earn from Splinterlands. Answer: It depends 1) Your skills (playing the game and card trading skill) 2) The amount of money you are willing to invest 3) The amount of time and attention you are willing to spend everyday.

As a case study example I grew my money on Splinterlands in the following logical sequence from USD 100 in February 2021 to more than USD 10,000 by Decmeber 2021:

  1. I bought cards and packs to play the game (USD90)
  2. It was fun so I kept playing everyday, as I get more skillful with more powerful cards I get more rewards ( Accumulated more DEC and Cards from rewards)
  3. More players join play to earn blockchain games after games like Axie Infinity made the headlines. My NFT card value appreciates 100X and more. Check out the data here:
  4. Watch the marketplace buy and sell cards to accumalate more Cards and DEC
  5. Beginning July 2021, players including me rewarded with daily SPS airdrops ( I accumulated and traded SPS)
  6. The free SPS rewards from airdrop staked.
  7. Unused cards rented to other players. (Accumulate more DEC)


In summary, the journey in the Splinterlands has been very rewarding. Never before as an avid gamer I have managed to create an life changing income from playing video games. Splinterlands is an enjoyable game that embraces the play-to-earn ideology. The NFT cards purchased, the land plots purchased, DEC and SPS assets belongs to the players and will not disappear when the player stopped playing like in traditional games. This is the new digital economy, where new wealth can be created and shared for those who are willing to try with an open-minded.

Come join the Splinterlands community


















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