Metronome (MTN) ICO Review

What is Metronome?

Metronome (“MTN”) is a new cryptocurrency developed by BloqLabs, built to last for generations. As part of ensuring its longevity, Metronome is the first cross-chain cryptocurrency, meaning that its users can seamlessly transfer their tokens from one blockchain to another using cutting-edge import/export functions. Metronome provides a consistent and predictable token supply, minting new MTN per day at the rate that is the greater of (i) 2,880 MTN per day, or (ii) an annual rate equal to 2% of the then outstanding supply per year.


Problem being solved?

Metronome addresses some of the most important issues in cryptocurrency today. Firstly, it removes any uncertainty over token issuance by providing predictable minting through its immutable contracts. There will be 10,000,000 MTN issued during the initial auction, followed by a predictable daily supply that is automatically minted and auctioned to the public. A reliable and consistent token supply allows for its community to plan ahead. Secondly, in the event that a user has concerns about the security or other aspects of the underlying blockchain, Metronome provides a way for them to transfer their tokens from one underlying blockchain onto another. Lastly, Metronome will be fully self-governed through its autonomous contracts. Its authors will not have any more undue influence over its management and direction than anyone else in its community.




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