BTC/USD daily chart analysis: hodl, buy or sell?

That’s the big question?

Do we hodl, buy or sell BTC/USD?

BTC/USD drop recovered from recent swing low of near 6,000. The market respected the 6,000 price level for now and BTC/USD did bounce back. Trend wise, it is still bearish. The tide is pushing downwards. But in trading, this is where you can beat the crowd. When most are in FUD some brave traders will start accumulating.

Here are some key support and resistance levels for BTC/USD:

  • R1 : 10,000 psychological level (remember how happy we were when BTC/USD broke 10,000 in December 2017?)
  • R2 : 12,8000
  • R3 : 14,500
  • S1 : 6,000 (recent swing low)
  • S2 : 5,400
  • S3 : 4,950

Now over to you guys!

What’s your opinion? Do we hodl, buy or sell BTC/USD?

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